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The educated hustler, salesmanship, sales team management and innovation

MD of GrabOne and self described "hustler who gets stuff done", Ryan Watkins joined the Sales Syndicate social evening to candidly share his insights on Salesmanship, Sales Team Management and Innovation. Here's a brief synopsis of what we took out of his entertaining and engaging presentation.

To train, or not to train?

That can’t be a real question can it? Doesn’t it apply to everything?

Disruptive selling and the value of being ‘prescriptive’

At Indicator's Sales Syndicate we were recently treated to a presentation from Bruce Rasmussen of Carpe Diem about disruptive selling, and why it is so important in today’s B2B sales world. The week before I was also lucky enough to hear Brent Adamson at Dreamforce. He was talking about what CEB (Corporate Executive Board) have found in recent research about two sales approach models – the responsive approach and the prescriptive approach. Both topics resonated strongly with me.

4 tips for designing an effective Sales Incentives plan

indicator- blog - 4 tips for effective sales incentives

The success of any plan is all in the design but no matter how well your plan is designed it’s ineffective without appropriate, measurable performance goals and regular objective reviews.

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